Verses from The Noble Awareness

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The Noble Awareness contains 276 titles, among the verses contained therein are :


In the stone there is fire, if not being hit the stone would not produce fire. In human’s hearts there is prophet’s behavior, if it is not practiced definitely will not behave like the Prophet.

In the ancient times, people used stone to produce fire, primarily for cooking and heating up the body. If the stones were not hit, there would be no fire that time. All mankind have the chances to behave like Prophets, in the conditions that have to practice rightfully and earnestly.

Now, all works and tests in schools would be very difficult to be done. The difficulties have to be really felt, only then a person could obtain success, similar to a stone which is full of algae has succeeded to be cleaned. All people cannot change their behavior instantly. Differ from the natural Prophet’s behavior, whose heart always happy and voluntary. In life of every human will have the taste of the tests, the difference is whether sooner or later.

Water melon tastes sweet and delicious so that the produces, substantial or not depending on its seed during it was planted. For a human being who has never taste difficulties, when the difficulties come the person will be unorganized. Therefore, one must assume that difficulties were already available in a person, only then can obtain heart’s tranquility and happiness while facing the said problems.


When people ask for his debt repayment if the debtor answered, “I had never borrow your money” and he just passed by showed that people possessed low human behavior.

The Divine Path is always teach us to get educational chance in life which use thoughts and things. Treating is a normal practices but there are cases when people treat he eats much more than usual. But when his turn to treat comes he becomes stingy which make those who eat still hungry. Judging from things and heart theory the first man who spend was in debt. The second one is person who gave the debt. He who lend felt he himself is higher while the borrower felt he is inferior. If we want to balance the two parties so that would not arise thing that did not make both parties happy. There must be a relationship between themselves in order to make it balance.

Things above means borrowing or indebting to friends. If the person who indebted not yet pay back (could not pay back) he would be consume the one who give the debt as group that have no money. So this indebted and giving debt must be done clearly, for example jot down all related particulars. We must with peaceful heart balanced between borrower and person who give the debt then only going back (return) with the peaceful heart.


During spring all flowers are blooming, during summer felt the blowing wind cooling. Fall, trees without leaves can be seen their reflections in water and in winter anywhere then filled with snow.

If heart with the Divine Path is obtained definitely those four seasons are felt not different. The creations, in heaven and on earth, are all the true universe. If guidance is obtained in the Divine Path and life in true every day situation to us is a good day.

Resting heart is the heart that counting for people’s destruction. Human have been too hard to get rid of these heart behaviors. However if these heart behaviors were gotten rid of, they cannot live in ‘good’ situation.

The steel, which is in the horse’s mouth, is to control it. The knowledge of controlling the horse is to earn living. In life the target is to arrive at the highest level. But when arriving to the highest level, so that is no longer human knowledge. Human capabilities which have their limits, those will become meaningless. If wanting to obtain the highest level actually the effort only at self capability level even that so it is enough. All useful things, because they can be used, not they are at their highest level. The universe expands with one rule. If able to assume this universe has no matters and able to learn from life, universe like no self, thus this is the highest level truly.

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