Time Which Being Designated By God Has Arrived

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the time has come

Time which being designated by God has arrived that is ‘End of Time’ and the coming down of ‘the End Time Savior’.

There are three ages and every age was lead by 3 Prophets :

  1. The Green Age being ruled by the Prophet Adam, populated in by 2 billion human, ruled for 1,500 years and at his age had occurred 9 big disasters caused by water.
  2. The Red Age being ruled by the Prophet Sikarto, there in were 2 billion human and ruled for 3,000 years. At his age occurred 18 big disasters caused by fire.
  3. The White Age is the next, being ruled by God’s Prophet Al Khidr @ Melchizedek for 10,800 years. There in occurring 81 big disasters cause by wind.

What has been said as ‘the End of Time’ is actually ‘the end of Red Age’, and the beginning of new time that is the White Age and did not mean the world will end.

God had sent down 3 big Prophets who had brought forth 3 Religions, they were :

  1. Buddha with the religion of Buddhist.
  2. Jesus with the religion of Christianity.
  3. Muhammad with the religion of Islam.

The End Time Prophet in the Red Age was Prophet Muhammad therefore it was really true that there is no prophet after Prophet Muhammad in the Red Age, the end of Red Age was on 1400 Hijri.

Currently we are in the White Age between 1400 Hijri to 1500 Hijri this has been the awaited time by all religious followers whom they said as the born of Buddha vice, waiting for the second coming of Messiah, Krishna being reincarnated, the second coming of Jesus, the coming down of Imam Mahdi and et cetera, the real truth is only the one and only ‘The End Time Savior’, only to them being given different name or call.

The End Time Savior has been sent down bringing the verses, the knowledge and the secrets of ‘THE DIVINE PATH’ to change the world and human behavior to a secure and peaceful age.

Thank you God, Thank you God, Thank you God…

* regarding The End Time Savior and his exclamation – click here

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