Sayings of God’s Prophet Khidr / Melchizedek / Holy Spirit About Himself

English  〉  Bahasa Malaysia

Come without sound
Gone without sound
Come without shadow
Gone without shadow

I laugh at mankind
Why wanting to know where I come from?
I begin to come down to earth at the green time
Until present the white time
Now has come the time
I bring the children returning to the Throne
Those are not given the secret wait for reawakening

I arrive the earth 25 seconds of the lightening speed
I have yet to have a name
Those names are given by mankind

I have 32 faces
Those are with high awareness shall know
Those are without high awareness shall not know it
I have ever been killed

Normally I am in the middle of Asia
Presently there are two persons who are very close to me
These two persons are the sun moon
Now I am waiting for a star

The best good practice for human presently is to revere parents
If human do not revere parents, similar like dwelling in a place without sun moon

The verses those I have revealed all these while, have to be read, and learned in order to acquire the high awareness
Those who read and learn industriously the verses I have given, that mean he remember me

Thank God  Thank God  Thank God

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