Regarding The End Time Savior According To The Saying of The Melchizedek @ God’s Prophet Al Khidr @ The Holy Spirit

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The End Time Savior calls upon human of the entire world to unite in helping the poor people.

The rich countries have to help the poor countries and eradicate the entire world famine. Human need to accept a principle which the received belongings have to be divided among them, this could avoid from the occurring of wars or the existence of paid militaries. Human have to agree to the above said matter.

Therefore human have to find ways on how to create peace of the world means that the third world war is not going to happen.

There are three ways to avoid from the third world war to happen :

  1. Human need to understand if there still at any place is famine therefore the world is not really in peace.
  2. The entire produces bestowed by God such as petroleum, gold and others supposed have to be shared with other countries.
  3. Substances of food, gasoline have to be divided to other places to avoid from famine.

The End Time Savior was given the methods of how to overcome this world’s repercussions. The End Time Savior does not want the name being famous to the whole world. He only is an ordinary human without any advantages. Only that God has given him the signs to solve human problems.

Every time there was a Prophet starting from the Mount of Himalaya being called Dalai Llama. In India there was Krishna and Buddha, in the west there was Jesus and in the middle east there was Muhammad. All of them were the Leaders of the Religions of their times. Every time was born the Leader of the Religion there was period has been fixed by God to bring human to The True Path. All of the Leaders of the Religions were the Messengers of God. At the present time the Leader of the Divine Path is The End Time Savior (Imam Mahdi).

The Christians are awaiting Jesus to return to the world. The Jews are awaiting the second coming of the Messiah. The Buddhists await Buddha representative while the Hindus await Krishna being reincarnated. The real truth is they await the one and only he is the End Time Savior (Imam Mahdi), only the name or call were given to them are different. The coming of the End Time Savior have been proven its truth. The task of The End Time Savior is to bring human to the Divine Path and to a secure and peaceful time. The coming of the End Time Savior (Imam Mahdi) does not signify end of the world , but the beginning of a new secured time.

At every time or every religion, the Leader of the Religion did not fully understand the real true meaning in their books of revelations, thus always be misinterpretations of the real meaning. Even the difference between Heaven and the Highest Heaven mankind do not understand what it is meaning thus they only estimate, to their opinion Heaven and Highest Heaven are places of unreachable, can be heard only their beings.

Now the time has come the End Time Savior brings the Divine Path to this world and cooperate with the leaders of the religions of the world to bring human to the True Path which is the Divine Path. Therefore human must never assume that the End Time Savior as God though, follow the ways of practices being taught by him affordably.

Actually the End Time Savior himself has asked to be born in ordinary human situation, no special power or miracle, in order to mix with the people easily. Anywhere in this entire world, whoever has prayed for the end Time Savior to be coming he will immediately arrive. Never assume that the End Time Savior as the Leader to a Religion or the Leader of a Country, what the End Time Savior wants is that human has to work hard until their minds become wise, whatever teachings by the End Time Savior are for those who are poor of knowledge.

The End Time Savior in actual fact want to tell mankind that the world will not end due to the third world war, otherwise the world will be more secure. The End Time Savior does not surprise that human never recognize the End Time Savior(Imam Mahdi), similarly as the Muslims today, they never recognized the prophet Muhammad’s face but most important is only the teachings whatever being taught are being followed and practiced.

The End Time Savior (Imam Mahdi) is bringing the Light of God like the showering rain, going directly into the human’s hearts.

With the time being stipulated by God has arrived thus the End Time Savior has been sent down in an ordinary community. God gave the signs and knowledge in way of writing, by using speech people might misinterpret, whoever has the sustenance to write must be studied it meaning in order to ‘know self’. The End Time Savior existing now he has a soul from the Highest Heaven being put into his body, even he lives in this world but however he has his own universe differently. His words keep in the heart and follow the deeds of previous Prophets then only one can become ten, ten become one hundred, hundred become one thousand and so forth.

The soul of the End Time Savior is free in the Highest Heaven, while human form lives in this dusty world. The time is fixed by God that is 129, 600 years has arrived thus the End Time Savior (Imam Mahdi) come down bringing the Secret of the Divine Path into this world. The End Time Savior was born by a miraculous power and tell human about the Secret of the Divine Path.

* Excerpts from The Divine Path Book, Chapter ‘The Teachings of Imam Mahdi’

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