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Divine Path is for the entire world because the Divine Path does not only mean for the specific race. The Divine Path are low awareness and high awareness, it belongs together with the cosmic space not only this world. The teaching of Divine Path is full in every corner of the outer space and the light of the Divine Path is shining the entire angle in the deep space.

The basic teachings of the Divine Path contain a principle, which being aware to the cosmic space and human life. Being aware to the theory of the governance that caused by the variety of relationships.

Practicing Divine Path does not oblige the followers to eat vegetables, it is encouraged in the Divine Path, it does not compel to eat vegetables. Eating vegetables is an advantage because the Divine Path is merciful to all creatures and does not kill them.

Practicing the Divine Path does not need to leave homes because the Divine Path is aiming to find how to live and die. If we leave homes without any suitable ways we will not obtain the true knowledge, by practicing the true Divine Path at home at least when he dies at home his soul will arrive to heaven.

In the Divine Path the practitioners do not hold any position. All human have the rights to practice the Divine Path and all can arrive to their own stages.

The Divine Path confidently believes to a certain power of repent. Other than killing living creatures, stealing, adultery and telling lies, they will obtain unfortunate. Other than that can follow the Divine Path way to repent is being aware of the wrongdoings and give the strictest warning to self that will not be done again, he will obtain a peaceful power from the forgiveness.

The Divine Path believes the existence of the Heaven and Hell. Because of the Heaven and Hell are the cycles between life and death. In the Divine Path the stage of Heaven there are six close to earth. Above the sixth heaven is called the seventh heaven, in the seventh heaven there are eighteen layers of heavens. Above the seventh heaven is the colorless heaven (transparent), in this heaven there are four layers of heavens.

Human with kind hearts and did a lot of goodness can achieve to the highest sixth level only. The seventh heaven is for those who practiced with the true religions. Above the seventh heaven is the origin of human place that is The Highest Heaven (Arasy), this is the place of no cycle anymore. There are huge and small uncountable Hells. The three largest Hells can be classified as:

  1. Hells which have bases, that is for not that heavy sinners
  2. Hells with fire (hot)
  3. Hells that are cold like snow

The above said three Hells are for those who are weighed their sins and will be placed in one of them.

The Divine Path believes to prayer or gift to others can reach the aimed, this depends to them who practice the Divine Path and their relationships with the Prophet, close to him up to which extend.

A person, who practices the Divine Path until achieving the knowledge of life and death and own self can govern own self life and death. Other than that, he is being controlled by cycles. The Divine Path has six cycles, those are:

  1. The Divine Path
  2. The Human Path
  3. The Saint Path
  4. The Animal Path (with four legs)
  5. The Ghost Path
  6. The Hell Path

The Divine Path does not believe to an eternity of Soul, to believe that the souls are eternal is not the practice of people in the Divine Path.

Human assume soul is a bridge between life and death. They assume soul does not change but the body change. The Divine Path does not accept such theory, the whole life creatures and things are among in the deliverance and destruction. Divine Path never emphasize on the eternal soul but however it is confident to the noble behavior practice. Everything viewed from the Divine Path are all in the Governance. Human’s emotions and actions are also in the governance too.

The Divine Path believes in sin and goodness, the assurance of the sins and goodness is similar to being full when eating. Doing good or bad during this life does not mean blessing or unfortunate comes during this life, the blessing and unfortunate received in this life are from the past life, if human want to know whether blessing or unfortunate in the next future life look at what has been done in present life. If being aware to this theory thus will not say blessing or unfortunate that come is unfair. The theory of sin and goodness is not away from the sustenance, because the last life and today’s blessing in the middle mixed with sustenance.

One who really practices Divine Path is not hoping to enter Paradise as his objective. Because other than Prophets, the entire other creatures have to experience the life and death stages. However the Divine Path practitioners if not hoping to return to the Highest Heaven (Arasy), absolutely cannot avoid from life cycle. Verily the Divine Path practitioners definitely hope being reborn to the world to inform human in order to follow the Divine Path.

* Excerpts The Divine Path Book, Chapter ‘28 Stars’.

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